Double Room

First floor

Room with window to the atrium

Like the earthy red wine, the Pinot Noir is a room for inner contemplation. In this small domicile, the strong, the anchored prevail. Instead of a view of the countryside, the view is directed towards the historical building substance, the wall image and also towards heavy historical ceiling beams.
Modern living design and noble furnishings ensure that there is no need to feel that you have been transported back to the barren Middle Ages.
In the small, lovingly furnished room, Pinot Noir combines elegance and solidity.

17 m² 

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At the entrance of Pinot Noir there is a small kitchen counter, which is available for you and the neighbouring room Barolo. In addition to the coffee machine and refrigerator, which we will always re-stock, you also have the opportunity to enjoy exquisite wines from the climatic wine cabinet. Mineral water, various teas and coffee are available free of charge.
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