Deluxe Double Room

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Indulgence and top quality in garnet red

For wine connoisseurs it has always been one of the best red wines in the world, the Barolo from Piedmont.
For a long time, this wine with its very complex taste was also known as the "Wine of the Kings".
Inspired by its garnet red, the red colour of furnishings and curtains in the 34 m² Barolo sets a warm, consistent tone. Thanks to the solid wooden floor and the noble interior, the elegantly furnished room radiates a discreet dignity.
The bathroom, embellished with stone tiles, has a floor-level glass shower. Near the spacious double bed you will find a high resolution flat screen TV. Needless to say WLAN is at your disposal.

34 m² 

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In the separate entrance area of Barolo there is a small kitchen which is available for you and the guests of the neighbouring room Pinot Noir. In addition to the coffee machine and refrigerator, which we will always re-stock, you also have the opportunity to enjoy exquisite wines from the climatic wine cabinet. Mineral water, Juices, various teas and coffee are available free of charge.
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